We Love the Olympics

This is a from an article I wrote for the Grace Church Children's Ministry Parenting blog in 2010. I'm re-posting it here, with minor edits.

In 2010, my kids proved themselves to be incredibly patriotic throughout these Olympics. As we gear up for this year's summer Olympics, here are somethings we've learned and some things we predict:
  • My kids always pull for USA in whatever competition is going on.
  • In 2010, if the USA was not in that specific competition or race, Hannah pulled for Germany, because she "liked the soda that was from Germany when we went to Disney World." She's easy to bribe, apparently.
  • In 2010, if the USA was not in that specific competition or race, Elijah pulled for the person from "the country that is closest to the United States" (usually, of course, Canada). He's ever the geography student.
  • Hannah will probably wear red, white, and blue as much as possible. In 2010, she wore Joanna's old gymnastics outfit just about every day, even though there has never been gymnastics in the Winter Olympics.
  • In true boy fashion, Elijah and Sender will love it when people wipe out (except for when Americans do it).
  • Lego creations will be made to correspond to Olympic events.
  • Mimicking acrobatic events, Sender will jump off all sorts of furniture. Considering that most of the furniture in our home is borrowed, we'll do our best to limit him. Sorry, Camille.
  • The kid will be all too eager to stay up an hour past their bedtime to watch more and more Olympics. Surely this is because they're patriotic, not as an excuse to stay up late, right?
  • We only get 2 TV stations, so we'll need to figure a way to watch as much as possible. (And no, our laptop will not connect to our TV.) Maybe we'll splurge and get cable for a few weeks. Can you do that?

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