A Break After Spring Break

 "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." So wrote Charles Dickens.

"We had two spring breaks, we had zero spring breaks." So said Joey Espinosa.

During Allendale County's spring break, we were involved with an all-day camp that included soccer, crafts, and nutrition classes. We knew that it would be an exhausting (though fulfilling) week, and that we would need time to recuperate afterwards.

Therefore, we took a short vacation the week after Allendale's spring break, just to get away as a family. And because we waited until the last minute to book our lodgings (Amelia Island, FL), we saved about $200. Thank you, Dave Ramsey! (Or, ummm . . ., "Thank you, People-who-took-Ramsey-and-told-me-what-you-learned.")

We actually spent a night near this beach when Hannah was younger than Sender is now, and before Sender was born, so it brought back a lot of good memories for us (like the fun Seaside Grille, with it's great seafood and outdoor playground to keep the kids occupied).

Just for the sake of recording our memories, and to make you a wee bit envious, here's some of what our few days in Florida was like:

On the beach the first afternoon.

These guys enjoyed the ice-cold waves.

Nothing really incredible about this video, but this guy is so cute.

We built castles and moats and towns (like I did when I was a kid).

This cute girl wants to live at the beach.

Yeah, so . . . . Putt-putt is expensive!

But it was worth it for this guy's first time playing (and he shot an amazing 26 over the last 9 holes, 6 strokes better than his Daddy).

Seems like the Fernandina Beach school system has some math education problems. I'll just buy the 3x5 cards one-at-a-time, please.

Back to reality this week. But as Sender has learned, we're glad to be back home in Allendale.

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  1. joey, the family is really growing up. so glad yall got to have a fun family overnight trip. i always enjoy your blog and loved the little chuckle you slipped in about the math wizards in fernandina beach...classic!

  2. Yeah, I had to put that math problem in there. I had to let people know that it's not just Allendale that does stuff like that. :)