Little Guy, Big Mind

Today, my son Sender turns 7. It's funny to think that when we moved to Allendale, that Elijah was his age, while Sender was only 4. He was just a little dude!

Like Elijah, Sender reminds me of myself when I was his age. We look alike, he loves games (including video games). But he's better at sports than I was, and he works harder at household responsibilities than I did. Plus, he knows lots more about Jesus and God than I did until I was way older.

A few weeks ago, he wrote a song, probably during his afternoon rest time, where he reads and plays by himself. While the theology has room to grow, I love that he was thinking deeply about God during that time. And I thought the general message was a great reminder for us at Christmas.

Give all your strength and all your wealth
And you'll have Someone beside you.
Who is that? Jesus Christ!
He'll always be inside you.
He'll give you strength, he'll give you faith
So don't be afraid of anything.
Because Jesus is inside you.
So don't be afraid of anything.
Don't be afraid of anything.

To Sender -- I look forward to more of your fun (and your thinking) over the next year!

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