7 Inspiring Articles on Christmas

Unpacking treasures stored away for a year.

Now's the time of the year where every blogger writes about Christmas. And I'm no exception.

I'm sure you have seen and read plenty of Christmas articles over the past couple of weeks. But here are some more great articles (some from last year, and some from this year) that have helped me worship Jesus this Christmas.

The Scandal of the Incarnation.  "I’m glad that the Almighty God of the universe loved his people so much that he was willing to come in obscurity, to live in humility, and die shamefully so that we might be forgiven and have life to the full."

Christmas in a Cold Prison.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer spent the Christmas of 1943 in prison, and again in 1944. Commenting on this fact, Tony Reinke writes, "We can miss this meaning of Christmas if our celebration is only wrapped up in comfortable warm fires and the fellowship of friends and family. We can miss the memory of our desperation that required the Son of God to suffer for us. We can miss the personal desperation met in the manger. And we can miss out on the fellowship of his sufferings."

The Incarnation.  Not an article, but a beautiful 3-minute video by Odd Thomas. You can click on the link, or just watch it here:

3 Tips for Sharing Jesus with Others This Christmas.  Adam Ramsey reminds us that we are surrounded with opportunities to share the gift of the gospel. "Freely we have received. This Christmas, let’s freely give."

Five Things to Teach Your Children This Christmas.  "Christmas provides a wonderful opportunity to pour the truths of the gospel into the hearts of our children. It’s an ideal time to show them the greatest gift they could ever receive, the gift of Jesus Christ."

Why Jesus Came.  From an Advent devotion from John Piper, it's the entire mission of Jesus in two verses.

Jesus in Prison.  An excerpt of a sermon that a friend of mine gave in a young offender's prison. The gospel could not have been made more relevant.

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