Favorite Tweets from December

@BuzzFeed: Well played, Florida

It's the last day of 2013, and I'm thinking about my blog. And the warm weather I enjoyed in Florida. And these Tweets.

You should think about them, too.

Tweets From Others:

@LeeClampYou know what's worse than getting beat 5 years in a row by USC? Walking back to your car after watching it happen...wearing orange.

@PaulTrippThankfully God's commitment to us is based on his character and not on ours.

@RheTelBrianDough my bread, my uncooked bread. Ray, the guy that cooked the eggs. Me, the guy that cleaned my plate.  

@plonkertonsDon't listen to disagree or agree... Listen to Understand

@Rev_NoRespectA recent study shows that 0% of people repent because they were rebuked for saying "Happy Holidays!"

@LeadersServe: Focus on the pursuit not the outcome. 

@mbspannSC:  The Christian life is a perpetual state of dying to yourself so that your heart will flourish.  

@Gospel_Project“Cut the Bible anywhere, and it will bleed. The blood of Jesus stains every page.”

@JohnSowers:  The nativity scene is only part of the Advent vision. The cross also lies in the manger, alongside the scandalous Hope of redemption.

@ClintArcher The 9 words of Christmas: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. 1Tm1:15

Tweets From Me:

: "We should have more programs in the synagogue."

My main message for about 80 students: "Get up and do something."

15 minutes late & I'm still the first one here.  

"A man's responsibility in any environment should be to make it better." Bill White

"Inside the Box" // We don't value innovation as much as we say we do.

My 6 year old: "Those hash browns tasted like potatoes."

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