Divided Son: Sender's Half-Birthday

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Sender, our youngest child, was born two days before Christmas, and we didn't want his birthday to get lost in the mix of that crazy time of year. Therefore, we celebrate Sender's birthday on his "half-birthday." So on June 23, we celebrated this boy turning seven-and-a-half.

It's fitting that we celebrate his half-birthday, since he is a divided young man.

He can go full speed all day. The other leaders at last week's STEAM Camp noticed this, as Sender would run around the gym (usually by himself) during any possible moment of free time.

But as much as he goes in 5th gear during the day, he loves to sleep. There have been times where we were watching a movie at night, and he'd ask, "Is it almost over yet?" And he is the only one of our three who would (and still does) fall asleep during long road trips.

Sender is also a mix of sweet (the biggest snuggler and complementer in our family) and stubborn (not sure where he gets that from . . .).

And he's a mix of serious and funny. During our family meal times, he can go from a serious discussion of explaining what he read about in the Bible that morning, to doing a 1-man skit and song. This "Sender-tainment" usually includes something from Julian Smith.

He keeps us on our toes, and he cracks us up.

But one thing that is not divided -- our love for him.

Happy half-birthday, Sender!

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