Sender the Entertainer

Hot Tub + Bubbles = Fun at a Friend's House
Having written about how Hannah and Elijah have grown by our family living in Allendale, I figured I should also write about Sender. After all, I don't want him to be the forgotten third child.

He's always been the most out-going, playful, and energetic of our kids. So, being here has not led to so much of a personality change as it's magnified who he is. In a culture that puts a high value on relationships and entertainment, Sender has fit in just fine.

At the Boys & Girls Club, he's acted as the unofficial mascot, even getting a dedicated portion of the Talent Show just for him. He's tagged along with me when I've stopped by the high school, and he quickly befriends some of the male student-athletes while we're in the gym. He has taken naps with his Zoo Buddy.

He's cute, funny, and (often) giving. He connects with older boys and he schmoozes older girls and ladies (how does he get teenage girls to bring him food and clean up his plate?).

If we lived in Allendale for 10 more years, Sender would be just fine.

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