Elijah Is Thriving

He still does like solo, intellectual activities
I wrote earlier about how we've seen Hannah be a nurturer (and then Sender as an entertainer), especially as we've moved to Allendale. And being here, we have seen Elijah (our middle child, and older of our two boys) thrive as well.

Elijah has come a long way since his Rough Start. His personality (along with with his passivity) led him to usually be not-so-enthusiastic about playing sports or with groups of boys. Plus, there were very few boys his own age near our own home in Greenville. It was hard to blame him for just wanting to sit inside the house all day.

But since he started going to the Boys & Girls Club virtually every day in 2011 (starting in April), he has thrived, almost becoming a different person. He got the chance to play with other boys every day, from board games to 4-square to soccer. The physical activity has been great for him.

He has a best friend that started coming to the Club over the summer. Elijah desired to be in the Talent Show every week. No more brainiac introvert! (Well, at least he has moments of not being a brainiac introvert.)

It's fun for me as Dad to have watched his personality change and expand, in a good way. Every man needs community, and every boy needs to start developing that.

Praise God for giving us this opportunity for our family!

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