Links to Gender Issues

Following up with the previous posts Nature vs Nurture: Women & STEM and Science and Family, here are a selection of additional articles about issues regarding gender and femininity:
  • Complementari-what? (The Resurgence). What complemenatariasm isn't (chauvinism and egalitarianism), and what it is.
  • How 'Modest Is Hottest' Is Hurting Christian Women (Christianity Today, her.meneutics). A response to a new mantra among many Christian women. "Perhaps the phrase’s originator hoped to provide a more positive spin on modesty. I sympathize with that. However, “modest is hottest” also perpetuates (and complicates) this objectification of women by equating purity with sexual desire."
  • Girls and Math: Busting the Stereotype (Mind/Shift). More thoughts on the ever-constant debate in education about whether intelligence is a fixed gift or a semi-limited capacity or an open potential.

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