It was one of those things that, when my kids were little, I never saw myself letting happen. I let my kids ride on a 4-wheeler (all-terrain vehicle) a few weeks ago.

It's not that I was against them. I'm not that panicky helicopter parent, that doesn't want my kids to climb trees and walls. I mean, I know they can be dangerous, but that wasn't my main reason. I was just never into motorcycles and ATV's, and I sure wasn't going to buy one. So I never thought about when they'd have the opportunity to ride one, and if they would want to.

But I'm glad that they had the chance to do so, when we visited with some friends over Christmas break. One of their sons took our kids for slow rides -- Hannah and Elijah through the woods, and Sender around the yard.

Here's a picture of Elijah getting geared up:

And here's Hannah after her ride:

And here's Sender:

Thankful for our friend who was careful with my kids! Nothing too dramatic, but good for the first time. Certainly not as crazy as their Golf Cart Driving.

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