Favorite Tweets for January

You may wonder how I determine my top tweets of the month. It's a complex formula based on the Dow Jones index, averaged daily temperature, number of re-tweets, and how many pieces of fried chicken I've eaten in the past 60 days.
  1. In south FL, traffic laws (speed, solid lines, turn signals, etc) are more like suggestions.
  2. I survived my first day of high school.
  3. Watching Facing the Giants for the first time. If the acting & script doesn't get significantly better, off it goes.
  4. "Jesus is not going to force you to be a disciple. It's your choice." Larry Sizemore, Fairfax Baptist Church
  5. My wife hates it when I pick up hitchhikers in , so I won't tell her what I just did.
  6. First lab: 15 students, 6 Bunsen burners, 0 injuries.
  7. "The greatest need we have is not to DO things, but to BELIEVE things." Oswald Chambers (My Utmost for His Highest) 
  8. My evening with my son: pizza, high school bball, drinking hot cocoa, watching baptism testimonies from   
Do you have a favorite?

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