Medieval Times

Our kids have been studying the Middle Ages in school. A couple of months ago, Joanna mentioned that maybe we could go to Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach at some point. She had been when she was younger, and knew that our children would enjoy it.

We found a good weekend, and planned our trip. It was well worth the trip (4 hours from Allendale).

Here are some of the highlights:
  1. There was a promotion that gave us 2 free kids' tickets. Score.
  2. We had hotel points for a free night. Score again.
  3. Tons of great food (soup, bread, half a chicken, rib, pastry). I ate 2 meals, and if we had a way to keep leftovers, we would have.
  4. Not sure why they only had caffeinated drinks and water. Where's the Sierra Mist for the kids? Oh, well. We were on vacation; bring the kids a Pepsi!
  5. No utensils. My kids always love eating with their fingers, against our wishes. This was their dream come true!
  6. I didn't like how they seemed to constantly get more and more money out of you -- photo op ($15), "dungeon" tour ($10), cheap sword toys ($8), etc. But, it's a business.
  7. Great show with lots of action. Besides the fighting, they had entertainment like a trained falcon.
  8. We were assigned to cheer for the yellow knight, and encouraged to boo the "evil" (according to the storyline) green knight.
  9. Not only were the fight scenes well-choreographed, but I was impressed with their skills on a horse. You ever try to hit a 3-inch ring with a 10 foot lance, while galloping on a horse? Me neither, but I'm sure it can't be easy.
  10. One of my favorite parts was when it was all over, and we got to meet the cast. Besides taking pictures, we asked them a lot of questions about their job. They all seemed to love their jobs. One guy was the electrician for when that building was constructed, and now he's been working for Medieval Times for 17 years. Other guys did the same, starting as a squire with no combat or horseback riding, and working their way up to becoming knights.
This last point led to some good conversation with our kids about enjoying your job, and being willing to be flexible with what God might have for you.

It was a fun weekend, and we recommend other families take a trip to Medieval Times.

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