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 Here are a few great articles that I've read over the past few weeks. Some of them I shared on social media, but I thought they'd be worth collecting into one single place.

I hope you enjoy them, and that they help you learn and grow as much as they are helping me in my parenting.

I Miss the Absurdity (Tim Challies)
Challies explains that the parenting journey moves from being physically exhausting (when children are very young), to mentally and emotionally taxing (as they go through teen years). And he encourages us to make the most of the current season. Today is the best time of your relationship with your children.
"Life is good. Parenting is a joy (when it’s not agony). God is sovereign. . . . Suddenly that most mundane of routines seems like it may be the most important thing I do today."

I Will Tell Her a Million Times (Angela Suh)
"We speak the Truth to our children – not because we believe our words are powerful to change them – but because we believe the Spirit of God may choose today to use our words to powerfully change them. 

So I will keep telling my daughter . . .  that Jesus his better. And while I speak, I will pray that He would make her heart believe."

Parents - We Can't Save Our Kids (Jamie Ivey)
Do you ever find yourself trying to scare (or otherwise emotionally manipulating) your children into following Jesus? Or do you worry that they might not follow Him? This is a great article for you.

Raising Teens in the Shadows (Lindsay Fooshee)
Discipleship is a life-long process, not just getting our children to the point of praying a prayer and being baptized. As I am about to have a teenager, this article was a powerful reminder to me that discipling my child is not about making me look good as a parent. It's about glorifying God and blessing my child.

Stop Parenting Within Your Rights (Julie Masson)
Along the same lines as the previous article.
"God has really shown me that I often respond out of anger or impatience to my children simply because they are an inconvenience and infringing upon the rights I think I have."
 "Give up your rights and embrace a life of grace with your children."

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