Saturday Round-Up (July 30)

Tomorrow is a special day for me personally. Stay tuned.

Sin, Promises, and Spirit.  I need both the Spirit and the Word to clear away the mud of my unbelief.

Low Self-Esteem Is Not as Bad as Total Depravity.  "Somehow she felt as though she needed to be better in order to be accepted, approved, or significant. . . . If the other woman appeared to be 'more together' or better looking, or better 'built,' then she would feel worse about herself."

It Only Takes One Generation for a Church to Die.  "Today there are endless subgroups of confessing Christians who invest enormous quantities of time and energy in one issue or another: abortion, pornography, home schooling, . . . When such matters devour most of our time and passion, each of us must ask: In what fashion am I confessing the centrality of the gospel?"

Baptism - July 23 & 24.  It was the first time in years that we missed the weekend services where folks were baptized at Grace Church. Had friends on all three campuses that followed Jesus in baptism. So glad that we could at least watch the testimonies!

Startling New Truth About Sugar.  Researchers just discovered that sugar doesn't melt; it decomposes. That's cool to me just for research purposes. But you should care, too. Why? "This discovery is important to food scientists and candy lovers because it will give them yummier caramel flavors and more tantalizing textures." Yummier.

Leaders Celebrate the Loudest.  A great reminder to publicly brag on those who are below you.

The Debt Limit: Made Simple.  This video is from 20 months ago, but it gives a very simple explanation to the debt limit situation that the US is dealing with now. If you are as confused as I have been, watch this. (On a related note, we could solve the debt limit problem by minting a $5 trillion coin.)

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