4 Moms, 11 Kids, 2 Minivans

Water balloon tossing in our yard

One of my favorite things the last week of June was the arrival of 15 friends (4 moms, 11 kids) from Greenville. I know it wasn't easy to drive all the way down, deal with the heat (and bugs), and drive back -- especially with really young kids in tow.

But I'm sure that it will be a great memory for them all, and our friend Molly wrote about this adventure in We Be Trippin'. She writes,
When I would tell people outside of Grace or our circle of friends we were going to Allendale, the reaction was always similar: "Oh, neat. Where?"

To answer one of her questions, yes, we completely enjoyed their visit. Not only were they a blessing to the kids in the summer camp, but their willingness to come down here was a manifestation of how much they care for our family. We were so encouraged!

She concludes,
I'm already scheming ways to get back down there again, this time with Ryan.

Looking forward to her return, and anyone else that wants to come down!

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