Educational Success: What Age Should We Focus On?

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When I first started working with kids in the after school program in Allendale County, I noticed that many were behind in their education level. As I wrote previously, education is one of the three basic problems in Allendale, and schoolwork is a struggle especially for boys.

At first I thought that we need to focus on elementary-age. After all, this is when children are receiving a foundation of educational knowledge and skills. It's most serious with reading (if you can't read, learning anything is difficult), but even math skills are key at an early age. After observing that many children are already far behind by 3rd or 4th grade, I started thinking that we need to focus on students when they are in kindergarten. But then (as I said in that post about the 3 Basic Problems), I started to see that even that can be a late.

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  1. Hey Joey! I haven't read all of our education blog posts, so you may have already written about this, but it might be interesting for you to read about the lawsuit between the state and certain school districts (including Allendale County) for unequal funding. One of the things that was put in place due to that lawsuit was funding for more K4 programs (in both public and private faith-based locations) to help give preschoolers a good foundation. Here is an article about some of that: You can also look at SC First Steps site, which lists some of the private faith-based options for parents in Allendale County to receive K4 for free.

  2. Thanks, Emily! I look forward to looking at those resources.