10 Reasons Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live

Some would say that this is an under-resourced area. You be the judge.
  1. Book mobile.
  2. Fried chicken from Clara’s.
  3. Sunday afternoon activities could include loading the family up in the golf cart to go to Hardee’s for milkshakes.
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  1. So true Joey E -- Love the off roaders too!


  2. Yesterday's and today's posts have been some of my favorites! Oh, how I loved going to the Book Mobile in the summer in the little town where I grew up...checking out all of the horse books I could find.

    Hello, Joanna! Miss your sweet family.

    In Christ, Amy

  3. Wow. I had never seen a Book Mobile before I moved here. I just thought it was a thing of legends.

  4. There is a drive-in theater in Greenwood. They serve some awesome food (cheeseburgers, chili fries, etc.)

  5. Sounds like a boring trip to the 50's. Doesn't seem like a place for intellectual growth, culture, or world class anything. I saw my first bookmobile 40 years ago; they are common in any decent metro area. The reason there's no rush hour is there's no place to go.

  6. Dear Anonymous -

    Thank you for ruining the funny. Or do you really think we're that stupid to not notice what life has been like here?

    Your friend,