And More Favorite Things

I hope you haven't gotten tired of my weekly updates. But there has been so many great things going on in our Summer Camp! Here's what has excited and encouraged us this week.
  • Great food
    • A local resident made red velvet cupcakes on Monday
    • A mom of a kid made cupcakes on Tuesday
    • Fairfax First Baptist Church brought lunch for all the kids on Thursday. Chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, carrots, grapes, ice cream, and fruit drinks.
  • Great servants
  • Goldilocks sleeping in Hannah's bed?
    • Two college students from Grace Church came down for a day
    • Another college student from Grace came on Wednesday, and is staying with us through the weekend
    • An long-time friend and her niece came down to make jewelry with the kids and in the community
    • And yet another college student is coming down tomorrow
    • And these don't even include the 3 college and 2 high school students who have been a part of Allendale for the entire summer, including this past week
    • (We're in a span of 7 days where we'll have 8 different guests spend at least 1 night in our house)
  • Great programming
    • We had a week of Olympics-style events, from ping pong to basketball, and from javelin (made with straws) to logic problems. Lots of  good competition.
    • We divided kids up into 4 teams, mixing up ages and genders. Loved seeing some of the older kids step up as leaders, even saying things to their teams like, "Let's all eat lunch together."
    • Opening 7 x 20m relay race got the events off to a great start.
    • Giving out medals and other awards at the end.
  • Great conversations
    • The competitiveness brought out some attitudes. This led to many opportunities for discussions about leadership, dealing with hardships, and respecting others.
    • With some of the nice, not-so-athletic kids winning events, it was great to be able to see how encouraged they were. I asked one meek boy how he felt about winning a gold medal in table hockey, and he replied, "I feel really proud of myself."

We have one more week of camp coming up. Then, time for a break!

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