13 Ways to Frustrate Your Boss

This is a response to Michael Hyatt's Thirteen Ways to Frustrate Your Employees.
  1. Flood your boss's inbox with emails.
  2. Show up late to meetings.
  3. Be defiant towards him or her, especially in front of your co-workers.
  4. Be inflexible.
  5. Don't communicate your expectations.
  6. Don't come to meetings prepared.
  7. Focus on superficial things, rather than things of substance.
  8. Be unfaithful with work that is assigned.
  9. Do all the talking.
  10. Take all the credit.
  11. Only remember the mistakes he or she has made.
  12. Assume you know all the answers.
  13. Be moody.

Which side is worse -- the boss being frustrated or the employees? Well, it depends if I'm the boss or not.

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