Saturday Round-Up (July 2)

Another slew of articles I found interesting. Enjoy!

Releasing Ministry.  We need to equip and empower others, not drop the ministry, micromanage others, and fill a flow chart.

The End of Jewish Men?  Liberal Judaism is becoming feminized. But is this different from other liberal religions, and especially in the Western world?

Preventing and Reversing Diabetes in Mice.  An amino acid produced by beta cells in the pancreas, GABA, shows promise for curing Type I diabetes. And another drug showed promising results in Phase I clinical trials.

Fidgeting Your Way to Fitness.  Great news for those of us who have a hard time sitting still at work. Might not get much done, but at least it's good for us. On a related topic, sitting all day will kill you. On a not-so-related topic, soluble fiber and exercise reduce dangerous visceral fat.

The First-World Problems Rap.  People from places like Sudan, Afghanistan, and Chechnya should watch this video. They don't understand the struggles that we go through.

Dear Photograph.  If you can browse through these pictures without shedding even one tear, you must be a robot.

Women Get Up Sooner Than Men After a Fall in Soccer.  I hate the many "injuries" that interrupt the game, but I think it's hilarious that men remain on the ground for an average of 30 seconds longer, compared to women.

Know Your Fireworks.  You can study this slideshow, and be the know-it-all at your fireworks show this weekend.

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