Saturday Round-Up (July 23)

Can't believe summer is almost over! (That relates to none of the articles below; just had to say it.)

The Suburban Criminal Rap.  Not as good as his "The First World Problems Rap" video (which you can watch here), but this kid is really sharp.

How Dairy Farms Contribute to Greenhouse Gas Emissions.  On a dairy farm in southern Idaho, here are the emissions per head of cattle each day: one-third of a pound of ammonia, three pounds of methane, and 0.04 pounds of nitrous oxide. Multiply that by 10,000 cows, and you have a lot of gas.

Breastfeeding Difficulties and Depression.  There is a connection between difficulties in breastfeeding and depression. The study doesn't say which is the cause and which is the effect.

A Young Man's Guide to Understanding Retirement Accounts: The 401(k).  I was 23, and only a week out of graduate school, when I started my first job. So thankful I had some older guys who pushed me to start putting money away for retirement. I never saw or missed the 10% that came right out of my paycheck, but I loved the idea of an additional 5% as a match from my employer.

"Simon Says" Is Good for Preschoolers.  Regular participation in an activity similar to Simon Says may lead to good math and literacy skills down the road. Does that count even if I am victorious over those rug rats all the time?

You Say It's Your Birthday.  Did you know that the song "Happy Birthday to You" is under copyright until 2030? Warner Music Group collects up to $2 million per year from film and TV fees.

My Brain Made Me Do It.  "People who struggle with addiction have always said they feel out-of-control. The popular diagnosis of sin is that it is deliberate and intentional. Sin, however, is intentional and enslaving. Sin says that addicts do what they want, but they are also tragically bound to their despotic desires."

The End of 140.  This guy thinks that Twitter should expand to 280 characters. I disagree; when I want a public conversation, I use Facebook. Whatever you believe, you should follow me. @EspinosaJoey

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