Poll Results: Blog Gadgets

Thanks to everyone who took the recent poll about the gadgets on my blog. Based on your feedback, the most useful tools are the:
  • Subscriptions (both email and RSS)
  • Blog Archive

Conversely, it was obvious that some things I had on here just weren't useful. The bottom three things were:
  • Feedjit (least amount of votes)
  • My Profile (I assume the About Me page takes care of this)
  • Labels (someone told me months ago they didn't like this, but I stubbornly ignored them)

So here's what I've done. As promised, I have cleaned up the blog by removing the My Profile and Labels.

But I'm leaving Feedjit (at least for now). Why? Because I am a data-nerd, and this little tool fascinates me. Besides using regular Google Analytics, I can use Feedjit to see where people are coming from to check on the blog, including which search terms.

This stuff fascinates me. I can't figure out what's wrong with you that you don't like it. But considering I was out-voted like 20-to-1, could it be that I'm the oddball?


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