Encouraging Reminders

Jesus didn't promise comfort to His followers; He said that there would be struggles, obstacles, and enemies. The road is tough. Sometimes, we feel alone and isolated. Often, we are worn out, and may forget why we are doing this.

A couple of the guys who came down in June, with Sender
In those times, we are thankful for how God uses others to deliver messages of hope, encouragement, and refreshment. This week, we received a stack of notes from Grace Church students who came to Allendale last month. Here are some excerpts from their notes to us:

Y'all are such a blessing to be around! I pray one day I will be able to come hang out with you again.
The kids [in the program] are so appreciative of you and your wife and everyone who volunteers. Without you running the [program], who knows what they would be doing now.

I am writing this letter to thank you for the example you have shown me as a Godly husband and father, completely abandoned and surrendered to what God has called us all to be. 
[The summer camp] has really opened my eyes to how much we have!

I thank God for giving me a chance to come down there, and I hope he blesses all of your lives.
(Written to our 4 year old) Sender - I almost had a few tears in my eyes when you asked if you could sit by me at lunch and that you wanted me to stay with you. That was awesome!

When I get older, I would not mind helping you down there, because it was a lot of fun when I was there.

Your family is an example of how every Christian should live. . . . Our topic of our trip was "Sent," and your family really showed me what it meant to give everything for Jesus.

I pray that God continues to use your family to show Christ and shine BRIGHT for Him and His glory. Thankful to have had y'all in my life for a while. May God bless you for your ministry.

We would love more visitors! If you would like to come down for a day or more, please let me know by leaving a comment, or sending me an email.

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