Favorite Things From the Past Two Weeks

 Had some other things I wanted to share last Saturday, about Encouraging Reminders we received.  So here's some catching up:
Frisbee AND ice cream - a great combination
  • A boy at Camp asked me to pray for his mom. He's already had a conversation with Joanna where he asked if she believed in God. It's evident that good deeds (like just being here) lead to chances to communicate the Good News.
  • We taught the older kids how to play ultimate frisbee.
  • We had the representative from 4H lead an Animal Camp this week. It was a nice break and change of pace from our usual programming. The last day included making homemade ice cream.
  • Three high school boys from Grace Church came down to stay for the week. They were so eager to come back (they were all down with the Student Mission Trips in June), to continue building the relationships that had already been formed. On Thursday afternoon, I enjoyed seeing a student walk down the hall, see one of our members, and greet him by name.
  • Every day this week, our 3 kids have wanted to ride with me to open up. They turn on the air conditioners, check the bathrooms, and put out breakfast foods. Being here has been a great family ministry!

Only two more weeks of Summer Camp! We've had a great summer, but we're starting to look forward to the end.

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