Saturday Round-Up

Like last week, here's a list of articles that I found interesting and helpful. I hope you enjoy at least one or two. If not? Well, I guess I just wasted my time.

How to Remember a Person's Name (And What to Do When You Can't).  Written by . . . ummm . . . Mr. . . . ummmmmm . . . . You know who I'm talking about.

Growing Up Colt.  A review of the new book by Brad & Colt McCoy. I love the principle "Prepare your children for the path, not the path for your children." Our culture teaches that parents are supposed to make life easy for their kids. And here is Colt's video testimony:

Education: It Must Begin and End With Virtue.  An encouragement to focus on reading, writing, and art.

Low Fertility in Europe Reversed.  A population needs to between 2.1 and 2.2 children per women in order to maintain or grow its numbers. Since World War II, most countries in the European Union have seen their birth rate decrease. Some of this has stabilized, but currently zero of the 27 EU nations met this fertility rate, and over half have a rate below 1.5.

Six Truths on Christian Involvement in Society.  Notes from a John Piper sermon from 2000. Similar (but a more theological case) to what I wrote about Why Christians Should Serve Outside of the Church.

5 Pieces of Art by Children with Autism.  You'll want to see these, and read the descriptions from the artists. Here's one example:

Why Are Air Conditioners So Heavy?   Not a complicated answer -- it's the copper in it. But this title caught my attention because we've had 100 degree whether, and our building (for our summer camp) is cooled by five window-AC units.

Why Do I Keep Doing the Same Sin Over & Over Again?   The core problem is that I think I am stronger than my sin. I need the power of Jesus working in me, and this happens best in community.

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