How to Honor Your Wife

Here's a great article from Resurgence for both men and women. The article is specifically written to men. However, married women can use this information to encourage and support their husbands, and single women can use a lot of the principles as they discern what kind of men should rightly pursue them.

We need to give our wives security, not fear, and here are some categories for how we can honor them:
  1. Maritally.  "Being sorry is not enough; being Christ-like is what is necessary."
  2. Physically.  Do not use force or threat of force to get what you want.
  3. Emotionally.  "Men and women have the same emotions; they express them in masculine and feminine ways."
  4. Verbally.  "Speak honestly respectfully, lovingly to her and about her."
  5. Financially.  Men and women each have roles to fulfill. One of ours is to provide.
  6. Practically.  Have a budget, schedule, plan, and life.
  7. Parentally.  "It's your job to love your kids. It's your job to pray with your kids. It's your job to teach the Bible to your kids. It's your job to encourage your kids. It's your job to discipline your kids."
  8. Spiritually.  "Leading spiritually is the foundation of everything else."

Be sure to read the full article for more explanations on each point. And leave a comment here answering one of these questions:
  • Husbands -- which area do you need to work on most?
  • Wives -- where is your husband succeeding?

I'll go first in the comments.

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  1. The biggest area that I need to work on is honoring my wife (and family) Spiritually, followed by Parentally.