Summer Mohawks

A few weeks ago, I got a haircut at Nubian Image in Fairfax, SC, the first time I paid for a haircut in years. But I was due for another trim. And the boys needed a buzz as well. We went back to the basics, cutting hair with a pair of clippers at our house.

They both wanted mohawks, and I was happy to oblige. Elijah was first.

Sender was next. He's got a big cowlick so he was a bit more tricky (and it took longer), but he perked up when I said that he could cut my hair afterwards.

But no mohawk for me. I am a working professional, you know.

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  1. I need lessons on how to clip little boys hair. I have talked Graeme into getting a buzz for the summer but somehow I would be able to mess it up, lol. Any tips?

  2. If you keep it the same length all over (with a guard), it's easy. Just put the guard on a go. Needs a little more finesse if you want to fade multiple lengths. I bet you could find something on YouTube.

    I've messed up plenty of times. It grows back.

    Or, just go for the mullet.