Success Stories from This Week

It was a good 2nd week of our summer camp. We hit 30 kids in attendance for two of those days, and on Tuesday over half of our group went to Savannah with other children from Allendale, and students and leaders from Grace Church. They went to the beach (most got soaked in the only clothes they brought), on a dolphin tour (the first boat ride for some kids), and had Chick-fil-A for dinner in a park (again, the first time eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich for some).

Here are some other great moments from this past week:
  • The Book Mobile came to the Club, and will return a few more times this summer. Kids took home library card applications, and 15 of them brought them back so far. Hopefully, getting their first library cards will encourage them to use them! 
  • Loved, loved, loved having students and leaders from Greenville around. They were so helpful -- from reading with kids to helping with activities, from cleaning bathrooms to preparing craft materials. We are going to miss them next week! And it was great for our family to reconnect with some kids that we've know for years.
  • Fun activities that the kids got into, including making kites, African masks, and their own books of maps and flags from different countries.
  • A resident of Fairfax offered to bring snacks several times this summer. Yesterday, she made brownies with marshmallows, and also brought fruit punch for the kids. Too bad I missed it because of a meeting I had in Barnwell.
  • Getting to know Travis and Gerome more. They even asked to stay at our house one week. (We think we'll put all 4 boys in one room, and our Hannah with Hannah Swoap.) I think they really like Sender. But who doesn't?
Ryley, Sender, and Andrew inside the Book Mobile

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