Favorite Tweets for June

Though I have had a Twitter account (@EspinosaJoey) since October 2009, I only started using it a few months ago. Social media like Twitter has helped me stay connected, especially since being in Allendale can feel isolating and lonely.

For those who don't follow me on Twitter (yet), here are some of my top tweets for the past month (chronological order, from oldest to newest):
  1. Eating less + a job where I run around with dozens of kids everyday = I look much better in a bathing suit.
  2. Congratulations to Subway. Voted Best Franchise in . They beat out Hardee's and ... well, that's the only other franchise.
  3. Conversation with an resident at the Barn Party: "My dad says I have 21 siblings, but I've only met 14." 
  4. The opportunity to be a part of God's kingdom is ALWAYS connected to sacrifice.
  5. "We are seeing here a manifestation of Ephesians 4. We are God's coat of many colors." Joe Mole at Vision Ministries
  6. Talking about at lunch. Our 4 year old says: "I pass gas on the toilet."
  7. I like that (Hannah Swoap) just referred to our house in as "home."
  8. Loved having 2 extra guests stay with us last night. That makes 8 people in our 3-bed, 1-bath home in .
  9. Book Mobile in #AllendaleSC!! http://twitpic.com/5ez5re 
  10. Storefront worship with members from Vision Ministries and students from .
  11. the of . The community gathering spot for the morning. / That's why I love it here!
  12. With Fairfax Baptist for ICMP workshop. They are thinking about the direction they need to take for the next 5 years and more. Exciting! 
  13. Today, I lost my first footrace at the Boys & Girls Club, to a barefoot 15-year-old boy.
  14. 14 kids and 6 adults in our house in . They (and at least 3 others) are staying for dinner. Party!!  
  15. Worker at dinner told me that I look like I'm good at math. She's working on her GED. Long story short, I wound up checking her HW.

Which is your favorite?


      1. Sender talking about pollution! The other aren't even close.

      2. Valerie CampbellJune 30, 2011 at 4:08 PM

        I have to 2nd Sender's comment.