6 Coffee Brews That I Like, and 1 That I Hate

Here are my favorite types of coffee.
  1. Java House.  It's what turned Joanna and I into coffee snobs. Strong and flavorful, but not harsh on your stomach. They don't ship internationally (a friend of mine asked), so I have to remember to ask friends who go over there on mission trips to bring me back some.
  2. Some kind of Nicaraguan blend.  I forget the name, but it's a kind that friends who go there bring me back.
  3. Dunkin Donuts.  Buying it from the store and brewing it at home is better than getting it at the store. Sometimes you can get it on sale at their stores for $20 for four full pounds (not the 10-12 oz bags that grocery stores sell it in). Well, you can get it. The nearest one to us is 43 miles away.
  4. McDonald's.  Good coffee, especially for a dollar. Beats Starbuck's in many taste-tests.
  5. Hardee's.  Just on this list because I love Hardee's.
  6. Gas Station. I once bought coffee at the Allendale BP, which at the time had a "B" food safety rating. I survived.

Notice that Starbuck's didn't make my list.  Nasty, bitter, acidic. Would have been a great solvent to use when I was a chemist.


  1. I like DD coffee, but I think McDs tastes like instant. And I like Starbucks, but only when it's doctored to death and paid for with a gift card. I bought their Christmas blend and brought it home last year. Brewed it once and it's been in the freezer since. It is bitter! My favorite is Tim Horton's, which is a Canadian brand. So good.

  2. There's a range for McDonald's. Some places definitely better than others.

  3. And if you have to doctor up a coffee so much, then it's not really coffee anymore.

  4. I just need it strong. I usually choose not to drink it if I can see through it when I hold the pot up to the light. So, we'll see if y'all's passes my test on Wednesday AM....
    That's right. Y'all's.

  5. I like McDonald's too, and Chick-fil-a's coffee. I've been wanting to try DD, but the price is a deterant! I'll have to look in the stores, we have two in my town (not bragging!) :)

  6. I forgot about CFA - maybe because the nearest one is also about 40 miles away.

    -- Joey

  7. Millstone Chocolate Velvet. And I don't make it strong but I drink it black. Sorry Molly. I don't like drinking tar. But the weak stuff is STILL staining my teeth! :)