Favorite Tweets for February

Two days with 500+ leaders who love Jesus

It's been a busy and fun month. We spent time from Asheville, NC to Savannah, GA. And a bunch of places in between. Mostly in Allendale, of course.

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the past month. You can follow me (@EspinosaJoey) to keep up.

From Others:

@travisroIt's easy to tell people about your goals. It's much harder to actually go do something to move you toward them.

@BoAyers_Live Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that its stupid. Einstein

@ChrchCurmudgeon Signed B. Jones - Corinth Baptist Academy - 6'0" 185. School record 4,237 yards ushing. Aisle run - 4.2 sec.

@GraceChurchCMBe a vehicle that God can use for heart change in the life of a child.

@LACavinDon't be self-satisfied with where we are now. Have a vision for the gospel lived out in the next generation.

@sydleetInstead of getting me something for valentines days..mom gave me $6.

@PastorTullianTo focus on how I'm doing more than what Christ has done is "Christian" narcissism.

@Gospel_ProjectGod is bringing back the humanity that our sin has broken. He is restoring to us our created state as authentic humans who bear His image.

@anonbaptist:  Condemning sin outside the church but not confronting sin inside the church.  

@FirstWorldPainsI have too many videos on my youtube feed.


From Me:

Day 9: Spent the weekend with 500 people who lead b/c they love Jesus.

"Parents - Is your focus on your family, or on the kingdom of God?" Bill White

Job was blessed, & he blessed others (Job 29:1-17). May the same be true of me.

Want to reduce aggression in teenagers? Teach them that people CAN change.

How to Make Disciples. // "The of Jesus Christ is the answer to absolutely every question and problem of life." 

Elijah & I at our first event. Kids here have amazing talent & creativity!

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