The Many Kinds of Dessert

Do your kids like dessert?

Let me tally up your responses:
  • 94.7% of you said, "Of course!" 
  • 4.9% asked, "Where are you going with this?"
  • The remaining 0.4% of you don't exist. Sorry.

Cookies, ice cream, and chocolate bars are some of my kids' favorites. We like dessert so much that we've come up with other ways to eat dessert.
  • Pre-sert = when you eat dessert before your meal
  • Re-sert = when you have two desserts
  • Bre-sert = when you have dessert after breakfast
  • Me-sert = when you eat dessert whenever you feel like it
  • Tree-sert = a healthy dessert
  • See-sert = when you are on a diet and you can only watch others eat their desserts
  • Bee-sert = anything with honey
  • We-sert = when you are on a date and you share a piece of cheesecake or key lime pie with your spouse
  • Free-sert = when someone else pays for your dessert
  • Pee-sert = ummm . . . my boys made this up; I hope I don't have to say any more

Help us out. Can you add any more kinds of desserts to this list?  


  1. How about
    Snee-sert - when you eat a dessert you are allergic to
    Glee-sert - when you eat a dessert that makes
    She-sert - dessert with just the ladies
    He-sert - dessert with just the guys

    1. "Glee-sert" ...makes you happy

      Sorry, got distracted while typing.

  2. Distracted with thoughts of glee-sert