One Small Thing: 5000 Pushups

My goal for March was to do 5000 push-ups (as I wrote here). I want to be like Hans and Franz. Or the guy in this video (minus the accent):

Now, one of my so-called friends subtly suggested this video might be more applicable to my physical condition:

Ahem. Moving on . . .

To achieve this goal, all I had to do was 162 pushups per day. Being internally-competitive as I am, I did at least 185 pushups over half the days this month (including doing 305 pushups on Day 2).

I still have a few more days in the month, but I have already done 5000 pushups in the first 27 days. My wife said she would stop now; again, being internally-competitive, I look forward to exceeding my goal. Also, I did the first 20 types of pushups demonstrated in the first video. I feel really good about this goal.

I mean, I feel good in my mind. My chest has been sore continuously since Day 3.

April Small Thing: Lego Creations

Next month, I will move to a more creative goal. My plan is to make one thing out of Lego bricks each day. I've already bought my own Lego set, since my kids were reluctant to share "theirs."

How about you? How are your goals coming along? What do you have planned for next month?

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