One Small Thing: Photo-a-Day

I was late on the Instagram move. I thought it would be complicated (as most technology is to me), but I've found it be easy and helpful.

It's so easy, even a blind man can do it.

As you may remember, I made it a goal for 2013 to do one new thing every month. For January, I forsook sugar (mostly). And this month, I took a picture every day.

To see the month of pictures, you can see this album on Facebook, follow me on Instagram (joeyespinosa), and/or follow me on Twitter (espinosajoey).

What I Enjoyed About This

What will I remember from February? That we cris-crossed the state in style! Early in the month, we were in Hilton Head, and then Asheville, NC five days later. And towards the end of the month, I was in Aiken (SC), Lexington (SC), and Savannah (GA) in the same weekend. Tiring, but fun.

I also loved the feeling of anticipation, from myself and from my family. I was regularly asked, "Did you get your photo for the day?"

I can look back on these photos and remember the moments.

March Small Thing

Next month, I'll be back on a fitness-related goal. I want do 5000 push-ups in March. I just have to do 162 each day.

Even more, I want to try some different kinds of push-ups. This video shows 25 kinds of push-ups, with increasing difficulty. I wonder what level I can get to?

How about you? Are you keeping up with any goals? What's on your list?

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