EOL: Lego and God the Creator

An Everyday Object Lesson (EOL) is a tool that uses ordinary things in life to explain spiritual concepts. They are often useful to explain truths to children. However, one must also be clear that analogies are never perfect explanations. I will do a series of posts using EOL’s that I’ve used with my children, and I hope you can modify these to fit your context, and use them to disciple your own children. 

Our kids are amassing quite the Lego collection. Their enjoyment of these toys began many moons ago, with my parents giving us a bin of my old Lego bricks and people. And over the years, they have received and bought many more sets.

Inspired by other Bible Stories made from Legos, they have made Christmas and Easter scenes. We love looking at incredible creations, like ones in honor of MC Escher. And on multiple occasions, we've even had to take away their Lego collection as consequences.

We were surprised that these toys led to a discussion of sexual relationships. But we were glad to use them as a means to introduce a foundational theological topic: God creates, owns, and rules.

The Object:  Lego Toys

Most children enjoy building and creating. And it's an opportunity to stretch one's imagination. With a bucket full of Lego bricks, you can build towns, re-create Bible stories, or conduct battles (I have two boys, after all).

When you fashion your scene out of Lego bricks, it's yours. You made it, you can change it, and you can destroy it when you're are weary of it.

You rule over your Lego creations. 

Let's pretend that your Lego person is real. You decide which pants and shirt she will have, which hat / hair will top it's pegged head. You put a tool or weapon or goblet in its two-fingered grip.

You set up a little town or area for your mini-figure. Give it a home, a car, a pet, and a chair with an umbrella.

But when you start to play with your little person, she complains and refuses to go along with what you want. As a matter of fact, she tries to tell you what to do! She says that you don't know how to do things right, and you don't know how to take care of her.

The Lesson:  God Creates, Owns, and Rules

Does your little friend have any right to tell the you "no" or to instruct you? Of course not! You are her creator. Without you, she would just be pieces in the bottom of a box. You made her, you gave her everything she needs (basically), and you care about her.

“Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.”  Revelation 4:11

Of course, the same is true of our God. Since God created us and the world, He owns us and the world. And since He owns, He rules. In fancier terms, God is sovereign. And we should respond to His sovereign rule not with rebellion, but with worship.

Likewise, because God rules and owns, we know that He will take care of us and sustain us. Just as God provides for the birds of air and for the fields (Matthew 6:25-34), He will provide for us. And we should respond to His provision not with worry, but with trust.

God is Creator, the sovereign provider. We are to worship and trust Him.

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