Are You a Presumptuous Parent?

A much-needed word of caution from David Murray:
"You don’t need to believe in infant baptism to risk falling into the presumption that if you do x, z, and z, your children will be saved."

What are the risks of this formulaic thinking?

Damage to the Parent

  1. Proud parents
  2. Sovereign parents
  3. Frustrated parents
  4. Despairing parents
  5. Harsh parents

Damage to Children

  1. Proud children
  2. Unevangelized children
  3. Vulnerable children
  4. Joyless children
  5. Mislabeled childrn

For a more complete explanation of each of these points, and to learn about a more optimistic, gospel-centered way to parent, read the full article.
"My hope is not in my flawed covenant-keeping, my faulty educating, or my fail-filled child-training. My hope is in my merciful Savior sovereignly blessing His Gospel promises to the salvation of my children."

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