Fatherhood Lessons

The biggest challenge and the most rewarding adventure I've ever had is being a Dad. I'm thankful for my three healthy, creative, goofy, and forgiving kids, and for my wife who helps me be a better father to them.

Ray Ortlund tells us some unforgettable lessons from his own father. I need this wisdom and these reminders:
  1. He was never too busy. 
  2. He was a Bible man. 
  3. He praised God. 
  4. He cheered me on. 
  5. He had a real walk with God. 
  6. He taught me theology in the backyard. 
  7. He loved us when it wasn't easy. 
  8. He helped me love the church. 
  9. He lived his faith simply and practically. 
  10. He told me ministry isn't everything.

And Tim Challies reminds us about The Most Difficult Time to Lead:
"You don’t lead because you are worthy, but because you are called. And, my friend, you have been called— commanded and called by God himself. 

If you are a husband, you have been called. If you are a father, you have been called. You have been called to lead—you and no one else. You have been called to lead despite your sin and your failure, despite your fear and apathy. 

There is no backup plan, there is no one to lead in your absence, no one better suited, no one better qualified."

Fellow Dads -- Keep leading. Keep pursuing Jesus. Keep loving. Keep learning.

As you celebrate Father's Day, remember that the joy of every day is in the privilege of servant leadership for our children.

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