Double-Birthday, Double-Vacation

Soon after my sons and I returned from our Arizona vacation, Sender was invited to join his cousins to a trip to Legoland. After having less than a days' notice before leaving, Sender eagerly said "Yes!"

We've been to Legoland before as a family, and Sender is in the right age range to still enjoy it. Plus, they spent a day in the water park, which we didn't do last time.

My brother and his wife took the boys to Legoland because it was their oldest son's birthday. But this trip also doubled our present to Sender for his "half-birthday." (Since his birthday -- December 23 -- is so close to Christmas, we buy him gifts 6 months earlier, or later. Don't worry, he still gets a cake and a special birthday dinner in December.)

Here are some pics of the fun:

Special thanks to my brother and his wife, who allowed Sender to tag along. With three boys of their  own, adding Sender meant an exponential amount of energy to the mix.

But apparently Sender followed our strict threats instructions to be a blessing to their family. My sister-in-law texted me:
"I am not exaggerating one bit when I say that he was a delight. He obeyed every time he was told to do something with no argument, and he was always offering to do things for us."

Now, if only he would be more like that at home . . . .

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