Half-Birthdays Are a Whole Lot of Fun


Our youngest child, Sender, was born early in the morning on December 23, 2006. He was 5 days early.

Knowing that he would not have many (or any) birthday parties so close to Christmas, we decided that we would celebrate his half-birthday, 6 months earlier (or later) -- on every June 23. We would have a party on or around his half-birthday, and we would buy him a present then, instead of on his real birthday.

On Sunday, Sender will be 6-and-a-half. When we lived in Greenville, we used his half-birthday as an excuse to have a pool party with friends. But in Allendale, we've been busy all three summers so far with camps, so now even his half-birthday gets minimized.

But don't worry about Sender. He is having a blast living here. He has found his niche as an entertainer (as I wrote here and here).

And the past few months in particular, he's experienced a whole lot of fun. He has learned to read really proficiently. He played baseball (coach's pitch); and would it surprise you to know that all the kids and parents like him and cheer for him?

Here are some videos of more fun by Sender:

Singing his own made-up remix version of Salkehatchie Stew (which he loved being in):

Singing and drumming "Happy Birthday" for me:

Riding his bike (a process which only took him a couple of weeks to master):

Have a Happy Half-Birthday, Sender!

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