Favorite Tweets for May

From my birthday, to my sons and I taking a long-weekend in Arizona -- it's been a good month.

Here are some top tweets from May:

From Others:

@anonbaptist Many churches are like the electric plugs in my parent's house: polarized and not grounded.

@MarkMerrillParenting is “heart work.” It’s not just about outward obedience; it’s about the inward attitude of your child. 

@ChalmersCenter:  “Just understanding that our money is God's money, and that He wants us to use it, is powerful.” – Faith & Finances Grad 

@JobsforLife “It is a frightful satire on the modern age that the only use it knows for solitude is to make it a punishment..." #NationalDayofPrayer 

@StAugOsteen:  There is no saint without a past, no sinner without a future. Crows can’t hang with eagles.

@RayYarmartino:  If we're still using fax machines by the year 2030 I'm pretty sure our planet gets disqualified from the universe. 

@BruceFowler22:  Proud to have 25 players on the SoCon Honor Roll!! Thankful for the effort our players make to excel in the classroom. #OneFurman 

@ScottSaulsNever trust a preacher who speaks as if the problem with the world is other people. 

From Me:

I just wore jeans to a job interview. Have I given up all hope?

My son was vacuuming at 7:10 AM.

No, @discounttire sales guy. I've never thought of getting custom wheels for our 16-year-old minivan. #thanksbutnothanks

"Mr. Espinosa, I thought we weren't going to have any tests or homework after PASS testing?" #wrong

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