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Harvard-bound? Not on his own, or even with only my help.
A list of resources for you. I think you'll find at least one or two to be interesting and helpful.

Earth-Bound Parenting (Paul Tripp). "In fact, if left to your own willpower and “righteousness”, you would choose earth-bound parenting 10 times out of 10. But don’t be discouraged by that statistic; the God who is speaking these words in Matthew 6 is speaking them with two feet on the ground. He left Heaven and came to earth to die for selfish, impatient and idolatrous parents like you and me."

It Takes a Village to Raise Kids (Jamie Ivey). Yes, fatherless children need mentors to be involved in their lives. But my children (and all children) need the same. "The more people in our kids’ lives that they trust and that are telling them the same truths we are, the better."

Using Guilt to Lead Kids to God (Jayson Bradley). Guilt may get short-term results, but it doesn't mean it should be a tool for long-term discipleship.

#HowToDad (General Mills). Yes, they are trying to sell you their product. But I still like this because of the positive message it portrays.

Don't Just Talk the Talk (Casey Lewis).  The author explains what it looks like to shepherd your family, and adds this exhortation: "Being a believer means we live according to God’s will; it means we walk the walk. So it doesn’t matter what you say. What matters is what you do."

Biblical Parenting: The Call to Formative Instruction (Tedd Tripp). The first of a three-part series. Tripp starts with the big picture, and then moves on to practical tips and ideas.

Cultivating Wonder in Our Children (Hannah Anderson). "We tend to believe discipleship happens through the accumulation of religious knowledge. A quick Google search for “children’s discipleship” brings back resource after resource — everything from catechisms to Bible memory systems to pint-sized devotional books – all promising to produce faith in the next generation of believers. What I rarely hear discussed is the necessity of discipling our children through “natural revelation.”"

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