Favorite Tweets from September

Whoa. This girl is now a teenager.

It's a month to remember.

And here are my top tweets from the past month:

From Others:

@DerwinLGrayWhen my mom was a junior in high school in 1971, the school nurse told her to ABORT me. She said, "NO!" Thank you mom.

@MatthewMurphyOur kids are our greatest responsibility. How are you investing in them? 

@BrandonSmith85“Being raised from the dead is never boring. Therefore every Christian has a stunning testimony.”

@NashaLending:  Learning about rooftop gardening from in downtown Greenville with Clemson MBA

@PaulTrippFreed from having to hide, deny or shift the blame, the cross enables you to stare your sin in the face with humility and hope.  

@DavidAQaoud:  One of the many reasons we should live in community: “When God gives us wisdom, he most often gives it through other people.” Kevin DeYoung

From Myself:

In the past, mission trips came to her. Now my daughter got to be on one of her own.  

Some Furman alumn just told me he was "old school" , b/c he started going at the Handlebar. Had to tell him what was up. #1996 

Is out of your mind already? SHOULD it be?

A gospel-centered church doesn't compare itself to other churches, but to the holiness of God. (via )

Room parents do amazing work. What a great partnership between schools, parents, & the community! 

Thankful for God's provision! Was offered 2 part-time jobs this week. Start both later this month.

"Talking about race & racial reconciliation can be downright terrifying."   

My 7-year-old: "I'm going to tell my kids that if they open their eyes when I pray, Santa won't bring them any presents."

Little girl sitting next to me during school lunch: "My parents don't know, but I haven't brushed my teeth in 3 days."

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