Favorite Tweets from August

About 8 years ago, we had this picture taken for our church photo directory. Our third child, Sender, was only a few months from being born.

Due to the church growth -- both in the number of new families and in the number of babies being born -- this directory was very quickly out-of-date.

Here's to great memories!

And here's to some of my favorite tweets from the past month:

From Others:

@TolkienProverb"A man that flies from his fear may find that he has only taken a short cut to meet it." - J.R.R. Tolkien - The Children of Húrin

@mitchmillermeGive everything 100%. Except when you donate blood.

@RaviZachariasIs there enough evidence to believe in the existence of God, or is it too much of a stretch?

@MikeGlennJesus left us no loopholes. Obedience to Him is total -- no exceptions, no excuses... 

@PaulTrippYes, you are called to worship God above all else. No, God will not reject you in that moment when an idol grips your heart.

@HomesofHopeSCBig thanks to the 6th graders from 1st Presbyterian helping us do some landscaping at Chicora Crest!

@ASCDRegardless of what you teach, try beginning each lesson like with some sort of attention-getting statement:

@MarkMerrillParenting requires prayer, patience, and perseverance.


From Me:

"The great irony of minimalism is ... it still makes stuff the focus of your life!"

Had a good morning working with neighbors in a neighborhood yard day. And met some cool folks from @HomesofHopeSC

"I will pray that my heart will mourn with , & that I will be broken for the things that break God’s heart."

God used this mission trip to help her grow in Christ and in community.  

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