The Gospel for Middle Schoolers (and You)

Last week, I talked about the importance of the "why" of the gospel. But because I'm a parent of a middle-schooler, and an almost-middle-schooler, and because I lead a group of 6th grade boys in my church's student ministry, I am still thinking about this issue.

In fact, it's on my mind so much, I wrote another guest post for Family Matters. I hope you'll check it out.

It's called Helping Middle School Students Understand the Gospel.

In this post, I break down the gospel message into three parts (and I think much more clearly than in last week's post), and talk about why we tend to gloss over two-thirds of that message.

By the time you finish, I hope that you'll come to a deeper understanding of why your child (or student) needs the gospel, and why you need it, too.

Read the article, and I'd love to hear your feedback and questions (either here, or on the Family Matters blog).

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