Let's Hear It for the Girl

Saturday morning robotics workshop

In three years of blogging here, I realize I haven't given a shout-out to my wife on her birthday, though I have written about our anniversary in 2010, 2011, and 2012. For the record, her birthday was yesterday, and, no, I didn't forget.

I am celebrating the last year of her 30's with great joy, having known her for 15 years and married to her for 14. She is my perfect partner in this adventure we are on. She stays busy with discipling and teaching our three children, with volunteering (and leading) in our after school school programs and camps, and with serving in other ministries in Allendale.

And while we prefer serving together, she also partners with me by giving me the freedom and strength to use my gifts in unique ways. Coaching football consumes a significant portion of my week during the fall. I spend hours each week blogging. And she has supported me in all my crazy goals this year, including writing a book this month (only 20,000 words to go!).

Happy birthday to my treasured wife! I love you, Joanna!

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