Thanksgiving + Hanukkah = Thanksgivukkah?

Hanukkah started at sundown yesterday (November 27), so today is the first day. It last coincided with Thanksgiving in 1888, and it won't again for over 77,000 years. I don't think we'll make it. (And read this article to learn when, and why, Hanukkah will coincide with other holidays.)

I hope you get to enjoy your day with family and friends.

Want to learn about Hanukkah? Then ignore this video: (Really, it's terrible, except for a laugh.)

If you want more accurate resources, check out Why I Celebrate Hanukkah. And for an old story from our family on Thanksgiving, check out "Are They Pilgrims?"  

Today, you may be celebrating . . .
  • Thanksgiving 
  • Hanukkah 
  • Black Friday (because apparently, it now begins on Thursday)
  • anything else!

Whatever it may be, I hope you have a great day and a great weekend.

God bless!

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