Our Anniversary

Thirteen years ago today, sporting a rented tuxedo, I stood in front of the sanctuary at Augusta Heights Baptist Church (Greenville, SC), and our pastor asked, "Who gives this woman to be this man's wife?"

Joanna's father answered, "I can no more give away my daughter than I can give away my own heart. . . ."

(I knew he was going to say this line, but forgot to tell the pastor. So, as you see later in the video, he understandably started to panic a little, thinking there was going to be a crisis at this wedding. Sorry, Matt!)

Her dad continued, "But I will do this, I will accept Joey in our family." (The pastor was now able to breathe again.)

You Already Know How Great My Wife Is

I could go on and on about how great the past 13 years have been. After all, I married my best friend.

But I've written about much of this already, such as in the past anniversary posts like in 2010 and 2011. And maybe you've read about 11 Reasons I Asked My Wife to Marry Me.

Or perhaps you read my Mission: Allendale blog, and have heard about My Excellent Wife and My (Much) Better Half.

There is no doubt that I am a better man, and our adventure is stronger, because of who my wife is at the core, and what she does. To paraphrase Deniece Williams (come on 80's kids!), Let's Hear It for the Girl.

Helpful Resources

Do you want some resources that will help you grown in your marriage? (Of course the answer is "Yes.") Here are some that I've found inspiring, challenging, and helpful:

Jesus Makes Men New (The Resurgence). "Men, you will not pursue your wife well until you know the God who pursues you."

Nine Ways the Gospel Transforms Marriage (Desiring God). I know I can never be good enough. I need God to change me from the inside out.

How Should the Great Commission Affect Marriage? (Verge Network). You won't regret watching this 3-minute video by Paul Tripp. Note: This video is part of the same series that I referenced in Missional Kids.

20 Easy Romantic Ideas (All Pro Dad). Disclaimer: I've done no more than a handful of these. But maybe you will.

30 Ways to Bless Your Marriage (Family Matters). Fifteen for husbands, fifteen for wives.

The Problem with Commitment (Desiring God). A video from the same person as Jesus Makes Men New. A longer-video, so I saved it for last. A key idea for me is that a wedding doesn't mean "Mission Accomplished," but it means "The Mission Begins." Just as Jesus doesn't leave His relationship with the church in maintenance mode, and neither should I. But also, Justin Buzzard reminds us that the worst thing a husband (or wife) can do is say, "I'm going to try harder as a spouse." It's not about my  performance, but that I need to allow Jesus to enter in my lives and continually make me new.

Note: We spend our 13th anniversary on a Secret Vacation

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