Middle Child at the Front

Flipping out for his birthday

My son Elijah turns 9 on Monday.

He's our middle child. Before I had kids, I didn't give much credence to birth order (much less birth due date) theory. But we see how true it is.

Elijah tends to get squeezed out, or at least he often feels that way. He is talented, but often feels a need to boast about it, maybe as a way to make himself noticed. In other words, he is a lot like his father.

He often uses words carelessly. Since he was born, I've prayed for him through his name ("My God is YHWH), that he will proclaim the truth that God is the LORD.

But, as I've told my son, when careless words are mixed with important truths, people will learn to ignore his important words. I know God wants to use him. I don't want him to diminish his credibility and weaken his platform for Christ.

In summer, we saw him grow in a great opportunity. For almost an entire week, he stayed with grandparents, and got to be the oldest Espinosa kid (out of 5 boys). It was good for him to be in position of leadership, out front. And he thrived.

That week, he was a leader for his younger cousins, and he used that time to serve others. For example, in the sleepovers they had, he let others choose where to sleep, instead of being "the boss." He took care of his cousins, and played what they wanted.

As we've prayed for him to proclaim the truth about God, perhaps only part of that is about what Elijah will tell others. Maybe a big part of that will also be what kind of life he lives leading and serving others.

And while he is in the middle chronologically, he's just as loved and special as our other kids, and at least for one day, he gets to be the center of attention.

I love you, son. Happy (early) birthday!

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