Top Posts of 2012: Serving (#3) & Spanking (#2)

It has been another great year of blogging. I don't know how much you've gotten out of it, but I've learned a lot. As I've explained, writing helps me process and analyze my own thoughts, besides what I can help others with as well.

In case you have missed some of the top posts from 2012, I've going to give a couple of them here, and the very top one next week, besides the top posts on my Mission: Allendale blog. (I determined the top posts using a complicated formula involving number of page views, number of comments, phase of the moon when the post was published, and vowel-to-consonant ratio.)

The 3rd top post of 2012 was not even written be me. It was a story from a friend of mine who served in our church's preschool ministry. I just re-read the post, and it still gives me goosebumps. You'll want to read (or re-read) Called to Serve in Children's Ministry.

If you are a parent, you'll want to check out the 2nd top post of 2012. More on the controversial side, it was part of a handful of posts I wrote on disciplining children. Check out The Dangers of Spanking, and of Not Spanking.

Come back next week, to find out what was the top post of 2012.

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