Favorite Tweets from December

Happy New Year! As you can tell by my new car decal, I may need some resolutions about starting to exercise.

Here are some of my favorite tweets to close out the year. (You can follow me at @EspinosaJoey).

From Others

@ChrchCurmudgeonDriving a hearse with U-Haul past the pastor's house. Someday he'll stop using that illustration.

@PaulTrippGrace has not only removed your condemnation, but given you a new identity and new power. Live today in light of that grace.

@DeionSandersLet me tell all y'all something that's real!Listen close! If it wasn't for Bo it wouldn't of been No Prime! Bo opened the doors 4 me! Truth

@Compassion"Giving back involves a certain amount of giving up." ~Colin Powell

@PastorTullianChristmas is the coming of light, life, and love into the occupied territory of darkness, death, and hate. 

@fakejimgreggThe NRA=ACLU.....both completely insane and out of touch 

@JimGaffiganIsn’t there part of everyone that hopes the Mayan calander is right?

@GloriaFurmanBridges: It is b/c we belong to one another & are members of the same body that we are to make each other's needs our own.
@RecoveringBaptiOur deacon board reminds me of the wizard of oz - one needs courage, one needs a heart, one needs a brain, and one just needs to go home

@tomascol:  The best way to prepare for death is to die daily.  

From Myself

Had a great time getting to know 12 prison inmates, as we started The Quest for Authentic Manhood tonight.

"A grumbling spirit is sinful, because it fails to recognize God's goodness and kindness in providing for us every good thing in life that we enjoy." Bruce Ware

When your wife refers to "the blog that I read," but she's not talking about yours.

A comforting word for all of my friends who have a child with a disability.

"What should we do with this leftover bacon?" -- No one ever

My car now speaks the truth.

My wife is making me hot cocoa, and we're about to watch Christmas Vacation.

God's wisdom & grace >>>> Our traditions & comfort

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